We are a film service agency which meets your requirements and requests promptly and meticulously. Our team consists of experienced specialists who are familiar with the needs of film teams and journalists from all over the world. Our efficiency is no mere coincidence but the result of a highly-coordinated team with a broad range of experience and skills.
Matthias Dietzel
Project Manager

Matthias Dietzel, managing director BSB. Matthias is highly experienced in film organisation and media relations. He has worked for several film production companies and cultural institutions and knows all the potential pitfalls of production processes. This is precisely the reason why he founded BSB. “Most obstacles and errors can be avoided with the help of good planning and a reliable support team. Things run smoothly if you have a professional team on site. This not only makes your work easier and in the end saves you time and money, but above all it ensures that you achieve the desired result.”

Johan Ebi Schunck

Johan Ebi Schunck, producer BSB. As a former production manager and location scout, Johan is second to none when it comes to finding exciting locations in and around Berlin. Clients also benefit from his vast fund of knowledge in the area of preparing film projects. Thanks to his natural charm he's always very popular with film teams.

Christian Röscheisen
Project Manager

Christian Röscheisen, project manager BSB. Christian ensures that all processes run smoothly for the film teams and journalists we support. His roughly twenty years of experience includes large film projects, and his determination and perseverance in finding a solution even in the most difficult situations make him irreplaceable. Film teams appreciate his professional working methods and his affable manner. Christian ensures that you experience the perfect „feel-good“-package and he's undaunted even by seemingly impossible requests.

Joey Desczyk
Producer Assistant

Joey Deszyk, production assistant BSB. Joey is passionate about organising things perfectly in the background and she excels at responding quickly to unforeseen situations. Always happy to help and contactable, she is the „good fairy“, working behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. Joey coordinates the interpreters, guides and drivers and also takes care of the red tape.


“We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions and bring them to a successful conclusion! So what are you waiting for, let's get together!"

Christian Röscheisen, Project Manager